Extinguish forest fires in Spanish Catalonia is not yet possible

Firefighters, despite all efforts, it is possible to potushitpozhar raging in Spanish Catalonia, near the border with France, said on Tuesday agentstvoFrans Press referring to the statement by the fire service.

"The fire rages on," — said the representative of the fire department. He also said that firefighters aircraft involved in fire fighting, were forced to land because of the strong wind. But in the morning the wind dropped, and it is expected that the aircraft still to come to grips with the fire.

Currently restored traffic on highways, connecting Spain and France.

To combat the largest in Spain over the last 25 years, forest fire brought more than 20 aircraft and helicopters, and hundreds of local and French firefighters and 200 soldiers. Firefighters fear that the fire may move to neighboring areas.

In Spanish Catalonia in a fire killed four people — the citizens of France. The area was destroyed by fire area over 13 hectares. Evacuated from the area of 1.3 thousand.

Told journalists that the Interior Minister Felip Puig de Catalunya, the cause of the forest fire was careless use of fire. According to the investigation team, most likely originated from the fire unquenched cigarettes.

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