Facebook head of mobile confessed desire copy Path

The conference, entitled LeWeb, held in London, was made the representative of recognition of Facebook is that they are trying to copy the Path.
Path — a social network that allows users to exchange text messages, video files, and photographs. The social network has a limit on the number of friends, this restriction is done to ensure that people could choose only close friends. Despite the fact that Path is only available in the form of an application for mobile devices running operating systems iOS and Android, the two years of its existence, it registered more than 3 million users.

It is learned that during a conference in London, head of special projects Path Shakil Khan was asked about how he relates to the interaction of Facebook and Path. A skilled representative of the social project Path masterfully translated the question to the representative of Facebook Henry, who was in the room during the discussion. Henry Moysinak told the audience that many people in their office like using the social network Path. By this statement, he added that they are trying to copy the Path. However, he refrained from answering subsequent questions after this phrase.

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