Far East: a record heat erupted in the Arctic

Powerful heat flows from the south-westerly winds in the warm sector of the Yakut cyclone reached the far north-east. On the Arctic coast of Chukotka temperature above normal by 8-12 degrees! Afternoon air on June 20 there was heated to +22 .. +23 degrees. Wrangel Island maximum temperature reached 14.9 degrees, which is a new absolute maximum for the day. On this island, surrounded by the cold waters of the Chukchi and East Siberian seas, warming above 10 degrees is a rare event, and now almost 15! But cold nearby, about 200 km west of the temperature does not exceed 3 .. +4 degrees, and is snow. Powerful southern streams are drying up from Taimyr Chukotka directed towards the Arctic anticyclone. To the west with his approach Chukotka north wind blows, and colder to +3 .. +8. The rest of the warm weather while Chukotka continue. But 22 .. 23 degrees on the Arctic coast remain in the past. The maximum temperature will not exceed 22 June 13 .. 18 degrees.Source: planeta.moy.su.

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