FATEZHSKIE funnel — the consequences of abnormal blasts spring of 1999, the cause of which has not been set. Site of the explosion and Dmitry Ushakov Fatezhsky area Kursk area surveyed specialists Emergency Situations Ministry and the Defense Ministry, however, did not find evidence of explosives, they are "written off" all the consequences of the fall of the meteorite.

May 29 — June 1, 1999 was held 63_ya expedition "Kosmopoisk" to study craters tion unknown origin. Were held instrument measurements, soil sampling, in the funnel found strange hollow education, interviewed eyewitnesses. Conclusion — the explosion is caused by internal processes within the earth

How it all happened? The closest, about 70-80 meters from the epicenter, on the banks of the pond were several visiting Fisher, who immediately picked up their gear and without looking sprinted out of the dangerous area. While they were running behind them land bubbled and hissed like a huge snake razverzshayasya mouth. From the local closest (about one hundred meters) are so few old women two old. Look back at the explosion and see the first column of fire and flying clods of frozen earth had only the last, the benefit both — former soldiers and some had seen in his lifetime. One of them, hiding behind trees, he ran into the house, "Grandma, let's go look, I think, the end of the world has begun! ..

Another eyewitness, Ushakovskaya resident Vassily Jirov, remained in place and fascinated watching what is happening: "… there flew into the air stones, earth — five meters and then poured water, and steam all sucked … fisherman sitting on the lake, so scared and ran away without looking back, and we were afraid to approach. " His words then ENTERED all protocols ..

From … compiled a week later reports voenkomovskih employees: "A powerful explosion of unknown origin occurred near Dmitry Ushakov Fateshskogo District, Kursk region of 3-4 March 1999. A funnel 13Ѕ8 m, depth h = 5 m

The blast turned the 4,000 m of land, the direction of emission of the fragments — in the direction of the village …

The explosion was also quickly (assuming urgency a week) were examined by specialists Emergency Situations Ministry, which mainly sought artificial cause of the explosion. Interviewed witnesses who were at the time of the explosion near the pond, about 1 km from the village [Labor. 1999. March 18. C. 1]. The survey did not clarify the situation. "In the air threw stones, earth, then hit up a stream of water, and all delayed the ferry" — describes the witnesses a strange explosion that occurred in front of them

Some local residents heard a huge explosion and then saw the release of soil on the slope of the ravine. Any signs of falling objects until the explosion was observed. A little later, an explosion was repeated with less power, but without the release of soil. A day later the third explosion was heard a low power, presumably on the site of the first two. According to eyewitnesses, the center of the explosion erupted mud flow, and then — the steam, without any odors. Soil and debris flows reached the pond, the ice breaks. Stream flowing out of the center of the funnel, cut a narrow slit frozen soil and boulders, gets in his way, which reflects its high temperature. It is surprising that despite the strength of the explosion in the village, no cracked glass, as well as the men who are 100 meters from the explosion deafened by the noise, the locals (at 300 m), did not suspect anything about what is happening and later learned about the event from the stories of the villagers. Soon it began to snow, which quickly almost hidden traces of what happened. Above witnessed even laughed at first, but the size of the crater left no doubt in the reality of the explosion. After a leisurely discussion of the events, and even against teletransmission about possible terrorist attacks, it was decided to report "to be." Because the phone was not in the village, in Kursk on explosion and learned only a week ..

After a few days in Kursk was spread the message that the same Fatezhskom area residents found 7 more like fresh craters, supposedly located roughly in line, two or three miles from the first well. A little later, it became known about the eighth crater — near the village Labazovka October district. Later, our own investigation shows that the official report of slight oversimplification — in fact, no explosions thundered "at a distance of 2-3 km," funnels were distant from each other by tens of kilometers. So that the effect was more extensive and covered almost the entire north region

A month later, once dried out dirt roads, from Moscow came a few experts "Kosmopoisk" with a set of physical devices. In general, managed to repeat the previous measurements of the military and mincheesovtsev (but not all confirmed their data.) Unlike previous Kursk specialists, our goal was not to prevent the threat, if such existed, but to get to the cause. So the triple attack military, the Emergency Situations Ministry, and independents were generally objective enough — so much so that the omission of possible reasons is simply impossible

In conclusion, sent from the General Directorate of Civil Defence and Emergency Management Kursk region (regional management Emergency Situations Ministry) said

"The explosion was probably caused by an object carrier high kinetic and thermal energy. Judging by the ejection of soil falling object passes from the south (south-east) directions. Melting ice on the coastal part of the pond may have been due to debris falling on it (parts) of the object. Hardened holes up to 5 cm were observed in ice blocks scattered around the crater and overhanging the edges of the crater. Based on the increased relative to the surrounding background radiation in the area of the funnel, you should assume that the explosion was caused by a meteorite. Subsequent explosions — the result of emissions of steam or inflammation of the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen in the decomposition of water from the heat …

Yes, something struck the frozen ground, striking at a tangent from the top. However, this is not something left behind debris and shrapnel. Neither meteorite or aircraft or any other aircraft for such are not capable of hitting the ground crumble even armored stormtroopers. Unless it was something superior strength steel ingot weighing several tons and … flying, besides more and vanishes immediately after impact

Soil scientists who disagree with the findings of the external stress to his opinion — the blow was not from above but from below, and the main strike force were the groundwater. The fact that the "groundwater" somehow heated the soil to a temperature of more than a thousand degrees (according to the study brought us samples to laboratories in Moscow), the reports glossed

Generally about reports in the village expressed most unflattering "reviews the public." No measurement data, no conclusions locals have not been reported. A committee of military and mincheesovtsev promised the explosion fence (of course, not fenced so far), and the inhabitants are strictly ordered not to approach the crater. That was enough to crawling the most incredible rumors

Of course, the grandmother and grandfather have reason not to believe the experts who believe that "nothing bad will happen." The fact that the radiation in the crater although superior background in 2 times, but still not dangerous to health, to persuade them to take long. With the release of radiation old parted reluctantly — because they "make it clearer." For them, it was easier to believe that there was a "nuclear doomsday" (definition, I've heard many times), which consistently led to the fact that, first storm was unprecedented power in February, then — the terrible explosions after explosions faded fish in a pond-breadwinner then heavy snowfall, early thaw, strong (up to -7 ° C), freezing all of May and is now a complete crop failure for potatoes, tomatoes, and on everything else. No food from the garden, no fish from the pond, no berries from the forest without a pension — is not the end of the world

What are the versions of explosions

In the local Emergencies Ministry initially considered only 2 versions: 1) "The fall of the meteorite", 2) "Undermining warhead unknown origin" in the ground, probably since the war

Involved in the investigation of soil scientists completed the picture of your version 3) it was a "simple landslide because of the Earth's crust shifts." Then, a month later, they had already taken out unqualified verdict: 4) "Landslide in outburst of deep water to the surface"

Local journalists came several stunning versions: 5) "microearthquakes" 6) "Test of American super-secret weapon", 7) again naughty aliens, it "signals from extraterrestrials"

1. If meteorites fell so heavily at one time, then surely there would be witnesses of their fall, and those to be found. Flying body has not been seen. True, the atmospheric conditions that helped too, but as we made clear in the Committee on Meteorites of Sciences, in practice, the fall of the meteorite with the funnel witnesses are even in the darkest hours of the night. Secondary explosions in the first funnel some time to explain the re-entering another meteorite impossible — because the Earth rotates, and the meteor shower, if such was continuing to fall on the planet, would be bombed much further to the west. But — the main evidence — not found not a single particle of meteoric bodies. Our researchers, not just involved in the search for meteorites, on all fours searched and screened almost all vyvalenny ground — no hint at the pieces … However, not yet eliminated the version of the fall from space tektidov (I personally gave the professionals test, but the results so far ) ..

2. The survey area using mine detector to no avail for search iron, no possible fragments were detected (this, by the way, puts an end to the second version of the iron and stony-iron meteorite). Experts at the Emergency Situations Ministry found no signs of burnt explosives. Some argued that it could be unknown to us, the explosives, but how big is the theoretical probability of being in the depths of a large capacity battery (bomb, ammunition store), the detonation of which came from the progress on the ground sliding slopes? When Kursk "emcheesniki" convinced of the veracity of the eight hoppers, immediately disappeared, and the explosion of the charges version, preserved since the war — incredible for them to remain in the interior slopes of multiple beams and ravines. And why, buried for half a century, they "accidentally" detonated almost simultaneously, but — at the same time, as would happen with an overall trigger? Strongly opposed to the version of subversion and local elders. As they told me, "walked past the front of the village, the Germans during the occupation of the village there was only one afternoon raced on motorcycles, but do not stop, no hidden graves did not make, the more that the specified location — in front of the whole village." .

3. As for the version with the Earth's crust shifts, it was later claimed to me geophysics, geological manifestations of progress in this place would be quite possible as rivers north of the Kursk region (remember, the explosion was on the bank of the dam) is just located in the Precambrian fractures. But … as long as evidence of geological shifts of nowhere and so did not receive

4. At the moment, the official version is, in which all the craters were formed by the "usual landslide." Such a conclusion is given commissioners Emergencies Ministry in the study of newly formed craters — researchers located in Kursk Russian Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture and protection of soil from erosion Bakhirev G. and E. Tuller. But what about the statement of eyewitnesses about taking off the ground, the emission of hot water and steam? These and many other observed phenomena are not typical for landslides

5. Microearthquakes can theoretically occur in a local place so that the remote seismic their locks, but … it is not possible was the appearance of the craters in 8_mi places in the area. To stir up the soil in a large area — here microearthquakes can not do. A big push to make sure to mention recorders … Kursk researchers believe that no aftershocks were recorded. But to our inquiry of the suburban (more distant from the Kursk) seismic come affirmative answer: yes, the push was, however, he does not look like the ones that leave behind an earthquake ..

6. As for the super-secret weapons testing experts in our leading "mailbox", looking at the pictures I brought the consequences of the explosion, unanimously gave a negative response ..

7. Not supported by the version with UFOs. The survey of local residents showed no link between the explosion and some abnormal phenomena. No unusual light effects, appearances obscure objects in the sky were reported. The only case in which an old woman remembered — as a fireball rotate on the ground, rolled into the house and burn it, but it was this incident about ten years ago … Brought us physical devices also did not reveal any abnormalities, characteristic places UFO landings or freezes … But no. When asked about any unusual phenomena, all in one voice declared — on the eve of the explosion was a terrible storm. Later, we confirmed the fact of thunderstorms in the regional gidrometbyuro: "Yes, a thunderstorm was in late February, with such force that it is simply no parallel in the entire period of many centuries of observation in Kursk." Just how are these two unusual phenomena?.

Disparate information on related events and consequences of the explosion so much that it is time to turn to peers — and was there anything like this in the history of

April 1961. On the shore of the lake near Corbeil-Tuksha River (Russia) ranger discovered a strange funnel — with about a thousand cubic meters of frozen ground most of it has disappeared mysteriously. Part of the ground and then found on the lake bottom and under it … crushed ice pieces inexplicably bright green color and a small hollow black balls. Specialists from several institutions have come to the conclusion, built on some "not": it is not an explosion, not a meteorite, not karst phenomenon, not a fireball ..

May 1967. On the field, sown with clover (Marlian, France), there were mysterious pit, and in them — strange substance purple. Chemical analysis in the laboratory of Dijon University showed that it fused quartz and alumina. Melting of these substances occurs at temperatures above half thousand degrees Celsius. A leaf clover near the pits were not even singed ..

1968. Sweden. Two fishermen found in the ice of Lake Uppremen huge hole amazingly smooth triangular shape, the ice of which was scattered far and wide, as if thrown a powerful explosion. Divers, which fell to the bottom of the lake, found there scaly structure of the substance of unknown origin. When viewed from the other lakes in the same area showed a similar triangular hole in the ice ..

April 12, 1991 in Sasovo (Ryazan region) on the outskirts of the town there was a huge explosion, the houses were torn out the door, collapsed walls, the windows were broken within a few kilometers … In place of an incident brought together scientists, military, civil defense workers and security services. Versions were also many "exploded bags nitrate, a fertilizer composed on the field," "military aircraft from a nearby airport dropped a bomb," "fallen meteorite", "jumped out of the ground gravibolid", "crash-landed UFOs." Came to confess local eccentric contactee who "confessed" that he personally bombed Sasovo when he was allegedly taken aboard a UFO aliens

Did not stay at any of the hypotheses, scientists, and "special" left. At the scene was only a huge crater — about 30 meters in diameter and 4 m deep. Soon it will be filled with water, put in glass houses, and the incident was forgotten, but not for long

In June 1992, 6 km from the same Sasovo discovered a new crater. Its size was again a lot of — 12 m in diameter and 4 m deep. Just like last time, but no evidence of an explosion — not heard thunder, saw the flash or glow ..

In May 1994, on the slope of a ravine near the Kursk nuclear power plant has 2 fresh craters with a diameter of 7-8 and a depth of 3 m force of the explosion was equivalent to about a half-ton bomb, but traces of explosives and shrapnel were found. Not only had disappeared and most of the cast out of the craters of the earth. On the eve of the locals on this site have seen a UFO in a fiery body, and then appeared in the sky some fiery pillars and then two distant explosions were heard ..

March 1999. Anomaly again attacked Kursk Region … Thus, "the case of explosions in the area Fatezhskom" "Kosmopoisk" still closed ..

Transportation to Fatezhskih craters from Kursk to "Moscow" highway E-95 north to Fatezh, then turn east to Ushakovo — there is one of the craters. Schematic map of the location of all the craters are "Kosmopoisk"

Anomalous Zones

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