March 9. Little Rock, Arkansas. Geologists believe that the fault in central Arkansas, where over the past few months have been recorded hundreds of earthquakes, in fact longer and potentially more dangerous than originally thought.

Scholars have suggested that the length of the fault is 5.9 km, but now they agree on the figures 9,7-12,1 km.

Osbruks Scott, head of geohazards of the Arkansas Geological Survey, told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, the length in this case is crucial, because a longer fault could trigger a more powerful earthquake.

Over the last 6 months in the area there were more than 800 earthquakes, including a magnitude 4.7 earthquake on February 27. It was the strongest earthquake in Arkansas for the past 35 years.


In the area of the injection wells temporarily stopped drilling companies that produce gas. Previously, it was suggested that these wells may be related to recent events.


Translation: Vitaly Semkin