Faults in Bolivia: alarming cracks in Villa Rivero

After the fire that occurred in 2010 on the farm Villa Felicidad, near Villa Rivero, now began to appear deep cracks.

The cracks, which are located close to a group of houses, the most severely disturbed people and Cochabamba governor, and represent a serious threat to buildings.

The appearance of faults in the vicinity of Villa Rivero, 60 kilometers from the city, which lasted three months, with the emergence of an underground fire that destroyed an area of about 50 meters. The appearance of the fire, which lasted for a month, was associated with the remnants of ancient swamps.

Now here there were three houses in the vicinity of their manifestations of the phenomenon of the valley. But one of them is in danger of collapsing, so the owners discussed the evacuation.

Government commission to investigate the phenomenon explained that after the earthquake in Japan, many people have an association with fractures of the earthquake. But the Department of Mother Earth (Rights of the Mother Earth) Delete this link.

In order to explain the causes of the faults, the Secretariat of the Mother Earth collects and examines soil gas samples taken in 2010 by the University Mayor de Saint Simon (UMSS) in the Faculty of Agronomy and research on chemical and refinery industries Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB).

Secretary of the organization Rights of Mother Earth, Magdalena Medrano, reported that the "proof funnel appeared in farmlands and pastures in the municipality of Villa Tunari, but official data will not be available until the laboratory tests will be made in YPFB and UMSS».

Translation: Daisy
Source: Los Tiempos.com

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