Feature of the national power

Feature of the national power

The ancients said: Edimus, ut vivamus; NON vivimus, ut edamus— "We eat to live, not live to eat." However, nutrition— One of the most important factors that determine how the health of the individual, and the nation as a whole. If low-quality foods, the wrong diet, unbalanced diet — and then to close diseases.

At the moment, we can say that the citizens of our country are malnourished. More precisely, they are fed unbalanced — fat and sweet in excess, but the vitamins and minerals lacking.

How to feed our children

Particularly negative defective nutrition impact on children. And the younger the child — the heavier the consequences. In our country, only 55% of children under3-x months are breastfed. This, of course, a good indicator, but still low. Especially when you consider that, depending on the region figure varies greatly. Thus, in the Magadan region of 20% of children, and in the Jewish Autonomous Region — 90 (this is the best option).

The children of the first year of life, lack of vitamins and minerals is one of the causes of iron deficiency anemia (30-50% Of the total number of children in this age group), food allergies (20-30%), Rickets (50-60%) And the lack of weight (5-10%). All this is largely due to the wrong and the introduction of complementary foods, and the continued widespread use of non-adapted formula.

Power problems are and at school-age children. Eating disorders are a major cause of disease gastrointestinal tract, occupying the first place in the structure of morbidity in school children (up to10-12% Of school age children — almost the same performance as in adults), anemia (10-12%), And metabolic diseases (this abnormality is detected in10-15% Of children in this age group). About 10% of children are underweight or reduced growth, reflecting an acute or chronic malnutrition.

About alcohol and "Energy"

A particular danger to children's health is alcohol. Also, more and more clearly indicated by a new problem — energy drinks, so-called "energy". For Russia and for Europe as a topic is quite new and has no more than 20 years.

Energy represent a mix of carbonated water and high doses of various restorative materials, including caffeine, guarana, B vitamins B. Self on its own composition seems to be not harmful, but when used in large amounts can cause serious harm to the body.

Even more alarming emerged in recent years, the fashion for low alcohol fizzy cocktails. They are 9 ° alcohol, plus caffeine, plus a number of other chemicals. And now these products are consumed by our children at the discos. The whole package design similar beverages focused exclusively on the consumption of the youth, teen audience, though it is an alcoholic beverage.

Supplements — this medicine?

Biologically active food supplements — a huge segment of the market, the safety of which, until recently, authorities could not control sanepidnadzora. Certainly, dietary supplements are able to cover that shortage of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), which affects the population of the country, but these drug complexes are not, by definition. However, active advertising of dietary supplements as a magic bullet is particularly successful in this firms engaged in the so-called remote sales.

Unfortunately, the older generation still preserved the holy faith in printed and electronic word. Therefore, they believe unconditionally advertising — once said, that helps, then helps. And buy drugs that will cure their supposed known from what — even for cancer. And often receive poor-quality product, which even then you can not return back.

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