Features an allergy to alcohol and help with her

From the conversation of two friends: "Look, I've been thinking … Perhaps I, too, suffer from allergies? I also covered with spots (the champagne stronger the wine too, the vodka is almost none). "

Joking aside, allergy to alkogolvstrechaetsya increasingly every year. And not the fact that this is due to the fact that they drink more. Although it is also affected. Rather, it is necessary to conduct a rapid spread of the phenomenon of allergy in principle. She often speaks about the problems in the body, particularly immune.

I must clarify, I mean it was an allergy to alcohol, not alcohol intolerance. The latter is a type of side reaction at the drinking due to lack of the enzyme ALDH, converting drink in acetic acid.

Briefly about the mysterious and little-studied phenomenon called allergy. To her alcoholic varieties come back later. In the language of Aristotle "allergy'Means another action. That is, in this case — an unusual reaction the body to a substance. And the doctors imply a strange reaction of the immune system. In fact, there is an incorrect internal resistance strange organisms or their metabolic products.

Nature has bestowed every human protection from antigens (foreign proteins). But sometimes the "enemy" and becomes its own mutated protein. Immunity to hard. He has a lot of "spies" and cordons for antigens, allowing recognize who is his own, and who is a stranger, and if necessary, destroy (block). We will not go into details about "and dangerous, and difficult service" T-cells that destroy the cellular level, hostile infection and protect against other diseases.

Allergic same reaction comparable to the situation, when the destruction of the enemy group instead of using the atomic bomb launcher. Unfortunately, to this day, many doctors confuse it with an autoimmune reaction, and when the enemy was not just immunity "mistook".

Let's go back to alcohol. Being a natural metabolite (i.e., generated in the body) and not naturally capable of acting as an antigen, allergen, he also can not be. That leaves two options:

  • allergen is one of the components of an alcoholic beverage;
  • in the blood to other allergens as a result of damage caused by alcohol the body.

Allergy to alcohol can take the most severe and deadly form. This bronhospastichesky syndrome, and angioedema, and allergic toksikodermiya, and urticaria, and hemolytic crisis, and anaphylactic shock. From the latter, a person can die within minutes. Therefore, delay treatment of alcoholism — is like wearing a bomb in his pocket (and generally random) actions.

So where in alcoholic beverages appear the very allergenic components? It is not necessarily that it was just a dye as part of cheap wine. Although the majority of cases it is they, along with stabilizers and flavorings are the main culprits. Enough to trace, which is not written on the bottle. For example, many sparkling wines and other "give" his admirers sometimes sulfur dioxide, which watered vineyards. Of course, there will allergy not everyone drunk, but "lucky" is not quick to romance.

Furthermore, aware of his allergy to almonds should get round some sort of mulled wine and liquor. And beer fans "with experience" shlopotat risk of sensitization to gluten barley. This was a dry unpronounceable medical term lies and arthritis, colitis and diarrhea, rash and incomprehensible throughout the body.

As beer and vodka and even pure alcohol violate the permeability of the intestinal wall. With its "fall" of the hordes of microbial toxins, exulting to catch the blood. And finally, alcohol has a pancreas. And in its jurisdiction — the digestion of foreign proteins for their future. Can you guess what it is risky? After all of the proteins and immunity discussed above.

Often people think they have an allergy toalcohol no good reason. Of course, if possible, you should immediately call a doctor. But to know some symptoms of allergy to alcohol will be useful to everyone. Among them, redness and swelling of organs and skin rash and itching. If it is limited, it is worth trying to take an antihistamine. In more severe cases, weakness occurs, the pressure drops and it becomes difficult to breathe. No ambulance can not do, if reached seizures, fainting, severe pain.

Try if possible to analyze what is connected with flash allergies. Sometimes it is the very fact of the use of any alcohol, sometimes it depends on the dose (but do not experiment on myself!). And can you just not on the road with this mulled wine. If at least twice you grab it from, exclude all!

Some help the transition from slozhnosostavnyh cocktails and drinks like whiskey and tekili to simpler — for vodka or brandy. The latter — not because of its simplicity, but for the sake of tannins in its structure, reducing the permeability of the intestinal barrier. Eliminate all suspicious of snacks. Be careful!

In an emergency, if there is no loss of consciousness and breathing, administer first aid unfortunate drinking partner. After washing the stomach with cold water, give a new generation of antihistamines. A few minutes later — prednisolone. Anti-asthma inhaler can ease breathing. However, after all the manipulations not be amiss to call or visit to the doctor.


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