Fed the brain

British scientists have started their development in the field of nutritional supplements, which will be used to cause a feeling of fullness more quickly. Apparently, obesity — the main problem for scientists in England. They would look at the people in the U.S. or Germany. And yet, as happily talked about all the benefits of GMOs.

The study conducted by an international team of professionals who work in the project Full4Health, initiated by the European Union.

"Smart" food that we plan to be able to persuade people to moderation on a chemical level, "- said the head of research, an employee of the University of Aberdeen (UK) Julian Mercer (Julian Mercer), whose words are reported.

According to the scientist, the food will contain a substance that normally causes the brain to generate the feeling of satiety, and this feeling will not come late, as is the case with normal absorption of food, and at the very moment when people get enough calories.

According to the concept, which the researchers are going to put into practice, "smart" food will contain a special chemical substances similar to hormones indicator-saturation concentration in human plasma is increased after meals.

"It is known that the nutrients from food interact with intestinal cells by chemical level. As a result, secreted hormones, which act as chemical "messengers", bringing a message to the brain, "the stomach is full," — said an employee of the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), Jens Canvas (Jens Holst), quoted by the newspaper.

Knowing this principle of "chemical-mail", the scientists were able to decode "messages." Responsible for the regulation of appetite enteroglyukagona molecule (called as glucagon-like peptide-1), whose content in the blood plasma of human postprandial increases five to ten times.

"There are a number of chemical agents -" satiety hormones ", whose concentration in the blood plasma increased sharply after meals. We only know some of the chemicals contained in food that cause them to become more active. On this basis, we hope to create an artificial additive that can be added to food, "- said Mercer.



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