Few of the latest NATO strategy

A bit of a new NATO strategy

On the days of Russian bureaucrats have stated that from August 1 this year in Russia will start to work first military to the North Atlantic Alliance. Transportation of cargo to the U.S. military terrain of Afghanistan through Russia began in 2009. It was only after almost three years opened the first object of the transatlantic alliance in the center of Eurasia.

Experts they say that on the one hand, it can be considered a great achievement for the Western military alliance, but with regard to Russia … What kind of success can be read as if on the Russian countryside there and intensive development of the military-political and socio-economic network, which will facilitate advance U.S. interests.

The project, launched in Ulyanovsk, became a kind of continuation of the military network, which the United States joined NATO did in the Central Asian region. But if you associate it with what happened and is happening in Syria or Libya, then in this case we have to be committed by a different approach. At this time, instead of bombing and assist the opposition forces, NATO and the United States decided, roughly speaking, to get the enemy (which, by the way, proved to be more effective and less painful than military conflict). Moreover, NATO's side were made and very good arguments, namely, the fact that Russian business receives additional income to the municipal budget funds do well, and people get new jobs.

As you know, America and NATO reach further their own interests in the Eurasian area with 2-key projects — the Northern Distribution Network and the Modern Silk Road.

Initially, the NDN has been formed to carry on the terrain of Afghanistan nonmilitary cargo values that have been set up to supply the coalition forces, as the country's reconstruction. This path is passed through the territory of Russia and the Central Asian states. All the same, the Taliban have made repeated attacks on cargo shipped through Pakistan, which led to significant delays in the supply of equipment, supplies and food. For more NATO strategists directed own view of the northern Asian countries, where the situation looked measured measured.

NATO has been able to more intensive use of the northern route for supplies only after the post of the head of state in the United States Barack Obama was elected, and the come right around the same time of warming relations between Russia and America. So, to judge that things are improving, it is possible by the fact that in July, the government of Kyrgyzstan (Our homeland with all this foresight silent) hast taken a decision to keep the U.S. military base in Manas and its transformation to the next point of transit traffic. Also, after a meeting in July was accomplished between the presidents of Russia and the United States, during which agreements were reached on the transit of military cargo, they also became possible to carry through the Russian countryside with land and air transport. In October last year, has been carried out the first test flight.

In addition, according to the volume of Tanner, the official dealer of the U.S. Embassy in Astana, the South American government has also signed a contract for the transportation of goods through the country of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. In addition, in February, an agreement was reached on the use of cars and railways for transportation of Tajikistan's non-lethal supplies. But, nevertheless, they are still not going to use, so the situation in some regions of the country are not very favorable. So Makar, the only government, which to this day has not yet signed a contract with the Yankees on transit — is Turkmenistan. According to the source disk imaging Hotel, the official Turkmen authorities have given permission only for the transportation of huge batches of fuel for the Air Force NATO.

As the special representative of the Secretary General of NATO in Central Asia and the Caucasus Robert Simmonson, transportation of goods through Turkmenistan entirely probable, but it is unlikely to be useful, as there is as much as 8 direct railway routes passing through areas of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to Afghanistan.

Apart from the agreements with the United States, our home is also allowed to carry out transport of goods across its countryside and the other States participating military bloc — Spain, France and Germany.

France signed a contract for military transport with the Kazakh government in October, when the country on an official visit came Nicolas Sarkozy. It is necessary to wait and renewal of agreements between Spain, France and Kyrgyzstan. With regard to the agreements with the government, then, according to Assistant U.S. Secretary of Municipal Affairs Asia R.Bleyka, despite the absence of signed documents, negotiations can be considered successful.

So Makar, of course, that the northern supply network, which is designed to protect the position of the alliance in Afghanistan, takes definite shape. The main links in the network — that's our homeland, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

But in such hands, on the views of Paul Quinn-Judge (Project Director Internatsionalnaya Crisis Group's Central Asia), the new girl network will be the main goal of Islamic militants. Because there may be new, more severe difficulties, namely, the transition of Central Asia into one of the components of the areas of military conflict. As a result, the situation could destabilize not only in the northern regions of Afghanistan, and in the adjoining states with him, in which domestic political and socio-economic situation is unstable.

According to experts, specifically the reorientation of NATO from the south to the north is the main prerequisite for the revitalization of the Islamic opposition in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, which can be watched in the past year. This is an attack on the National Security Service building and ATS in Uzbekistan, a series of explosions in Andijan, the responsibility assumed by the "Islamic Jihad Union". By the way, this is the organization involved in the terrorist attacks in Tashkent in 2003-2004, which killed some 10 civilians s inhabitants.

Experts have suggested that the strengthening of impermanence in the Central Asian region is related to the activities of armed Islamic opposition forces who are stationed in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Clearly the number of members of these forces is unclear.

Yet, the destabilization of the situation directly affects the interests of the Russian Federation, so the four countries — Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan — the entrance to the rights of membership in the Company contracts and collective security. One and the articles of the contract says that the attack on the 1st of the members of the Organization will be perceived as an attack on all member states, because they will be required to provide assistance to the affected ally, including the military.

Signs that the situation in Afghanistan has destabilized already very perceptible. For example, last September, gunmen seized a tank of fuel, in response to South American air forces conducted a series of air strikes on militant bases. It did not happen without sacrifice in the middle of the civilian population, killing about 60 people. Slightly later, an attempt was made on the coming of the Uzbek militants, who were in the north of Afghanistan, but the operation was very moderate results. The official report is very vague talk about some amount o
f disarmed fighters and found several weapons depots.

In addition to everything else, in the northern provinces of Afghanistan have the domestic political and inter-ethnic conflict, which obviously does not help stabilize the situation in the country.

If you take into account the fact that the actions in Afghanistan and other Central Asian states are interrelated, and this relationship Truce, not only in general, very feeble boundaries, and ethnic, religious and clan ties. So makarom there a real threat of transformation of these countries in a single region of a military conflict with the growing deterioration of the military-political situation. Therefore the efforts that solves our homeland within the CSTO to strengthen the military component and the creation of a strong army in the near future will be possible just by the way.

Modern Silk Road has not once become a topic of discussion and heated debate at the international level. This is a huge network various communications — from pipelines, transportation and electricity to telecommunications. Immediately it should be noted that America is particularly interested in the fact, that to build a path to bypass the Russian Federation, and thus Makar prevent monopoly is no other country on the infrastructure of the countries of Central Asia. The project provides for the connection of transport and power lines in South and Central Asia, steel and auto roads, gas pipelines. In this form it oboyudovygoden for both China and the United States. But eating is controlled by China's economic interests first, the South American government has a lot of political enthusiasm.

Note that the project is not a new Silk Road. He appeared in the Middle Ages, when the Chinese brought their products to Europe. The route operated as long as the Ottomans did not cut it. At the current time, this beautiful and historic image of America and is used extensively NATO to achieve their goals: to transport corridor bypassing Russia by regions of Central Asian countries.

While in economic terms for the benefit of of cooperation with the alliance small, the countries of Central Asia have received from contracting the NATO treaty significant premium to their national budgets, which, of course, is akin to drug addiction.

So Makarov, and the NDN, and the Silk Road pursue a very fundamental purpose: they not only help NATO and America to gain access to unlimited resources of the Central Asian countries in the next building there own infrastructure and exports, and actively promotes the establishment of anti-Russian sentiment in the region.

In addition, the union is another strong argument in favor of the construction of new military bases to protect the infrastructure.

Of course, that America's strategy is to separate Asia from Russia. And if the presence of the U.S. and NATO in the region will be long, about Eurasian alliance will be forgotten.

And when Our home provides a terrain for the construction of new NATO bases, so it helps to strengthen the enemy's position. After all, it is clear that today Central Asia is the main platform for the establishment of advantages over potential enemy — Iran, Russia and China.

Maybe the Russian government is worth reflecting on how to join forces with the states of Central Asia and make a decent candidate NATO infrastructure?

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