Fingers, ears, and other victims of Beauty

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Modifiers of the human body — it is a profession. Piercings or tattoos for them are almost empty phrase. Whether it amputated fingers, cuts on the ears or metal implant under the skin. Artists modifiers claim that they can do it all in a sterile environment, and if necessary, will explain how to work independently on their imperfect body. And the demand for such services is surprisingly large.

Outset that we do not recommend that you check with modifiers because of their activities, to put it mildly, is detrimental to health. The human imagination is truly limitless, and a large proportion of the existing methods of modification, as well as many illustrations will remain outside of our review.

Scarification (scarification)

Artificial scarring — one of the oldest methods of modification. In African tribes recognized by scars age, marital and social status of people. Who is the "language" of scars, of course, lost. But the technique, on the contrary — closer to "perfection."

As before, the scars are applied piercing-cutting objects. In this form open sores that heal for a long time. To scar was large and prominent, the edges of the incision can be made a little ragged.

According modifiers, scarification no more traumatic than a regular tattoo. However, many customers consider it not just a picture, and a significant improvement of his own body. The main disadvantage of this method is scarification high risk of infection in addition, as a result scar would be quite rude.

In addition to the scalpel for scarification used hot metal, laser or surgical coagulator. This allows you to make small scars, "smears". Of these, artists modifiers can create a whimsical pattern-branded. With this scarification client loses much less blood than after the cuts, and not as great a risk of infection.

Another type of scarification — "cleaning" of the skin. In this case, modifier creates a pattern of small circles. The circumference of the incision is made, and the inside of the circle skin removed, as when cleaning an apple or an orange.


For those who already do not like earrings, modifiers offer implants. This is a fairly large objects, which may be partially out through the incision or completely hidden under the skin.

This procedure typically use precious metals which do not cause inflammation or allergic reaction. And here's the place for the implant, you can choose almost any — from the hand to the genitals or eyes. Moreover, the technique of piercing eyes was developed by Dutch ophthalmologist and performed quite legally.

We must remember that the implants, which are not completely hidden under the skin, leave an open wound — and it is a huge risk of infection and abscesses.

Extreme Modification

"Cool" modifiers operate on the principle of "customer is always right." If you tired right ear — it can be cut into two parts, and in extreme cases — to remove. "Real" professionals tend to have a few of these pictures in my portfolio. And in the open-access lined only the most innocuous.

"Specialist" which prepared shamelessly to amputate healthy finger, find quite difficult. Therefore, many wishing to inflict self-harm itself and spread in Internet related photos. Most of them claim that mentally healthy does not regret what he did, and after a while will cut themselves anything More. For example, to celebrate a wedding or exams.

Psychotherapy through injury

If you want to make sure that you have a lot of hidden features, modifiers, and in this case, are ready to help you. There is a special "psychotherapeutic" technique — hanging by the skin. After a lot of punctures to the man tied a chain on which it hangs for a while. As stated in one of modifikatorskih sites, suspension allows you to "come to know the unknown" (to discover new facets of reality), get rid of stress and eventually almost become a superman. Hung himself mostly men between the ages of 18 and 35, both white and black or Asian.

An Inside Look

Society of modifiers and their customers are demanding tolerance. "You are satisfied with your body? So to him, and we do not touch "- they say. They know that a new finger or ear does not grow, that it is necessary to look for a scar, etc. Indeed, it is difficult to find anyone who would openly regretted what he had done.

Meanwhile, the mother would never allow my child to voluntarily amputated finger. So many teenagers, as they are recognized in the network, simulating accidents. As a result, they end up in hospital, and the final wound treatment carries trauma surgeon. And the likelihood of complications in this case is rather small.

A look outside

Imagine that modifikatorstvom engaged certified physician. In that case, his practice will pretty short-lived. After all, his actions in court qualify as mutilation. And the court will be served soon enough — no doubt. In the end, the doctor goes to jail, and his clients — in a psychiatric clinic. And this is very similar to the correct decision.

So the doctors of modifiers is not there. And, then, there is no guarantee of "security" — from infections, including HIV, from what wound fester, and inAfter all, have to amputate much more than desired by the client.

The author is known case, when an ordinary Russian boy, who had come on leave from the army, he decided to bring his girlfriend, "heavenly" pleasure. To do this, he introduced into the interior of the foreskin oil. According to his plan, there must have been formed "balls". Maybe it happened, only that he rejoiced very long: a couple of days surgeons miraculously left him to become a father.

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