Fire devours forests of Colorado

More than 1.3 thousand people mobilized to extinguish wildfires powerful in the U.S. state of Colorado. The fire, the first centers of which appeared almost a week ago, has already destroyed about 200 square kilometers of forest and at least 30 buildings. Firefighters help of U.S. National Guard soldiers.

According to the authorities, so far only managed to put out the fire in 10 percent of the disaster zone. To combat the elements used extensively cross-burning and aviation, according to ITAR-TASS. Using all the reserves of aircraft is limited because forest fires are raging in the west of the country — in the states of Utah, Nevada, New Mexico and California.

"We have to admit that before the fire in Colorado will be able to eliminate the fire will destroy some more of the area", — stated the Minister of the Interior Ken Salazar U.S..

Flame spread in Colorado helps establish there is dry and windy weather. According to local authorities, to struggle with the elements already spent 4.2 million dollars. Last Thursday, the state governor John Hickenlooper signed a decree banning the cultivation of fire in the streets and fireworks.


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