Fire fighting to fire near Athens

48 km south of the ancient Greek city of Athens found quite a large area covered by the fire. Fire burning the second day, extends the dried grass and shrubs with incredible force due to high winds (over 55 km / h), which negates any efforts of firefighters. Per night, the flames approached Kerateya 12 km from the west and south sides.

At this point in putting out the fire is attended by about 300 employees of the fire service, involved 115 special vehicles and 12 equipped aircraft and two helicopters. It is reported that a neighbor Bulgaria has sent teams to help the Greek one additional helicopter with its 40 firefighters. Responded to events in Greece and Italy. Unfortunately, the performance of their duties, three firefighters were seriously burned.
As the media reported that the arrested four suspects, workers welding units that committed negligence and cause a fire. If a fire is not stopped in time, may suffer Suburban keratitis, Palais Fokaya and other settlements nearby. Residing in nursing homes 42 people have already been evacuated to the nearest resort.
To fight the fire in the hot and dry conditions with wind gusts up to 80 km / h Fire Brigade in Greece is hard enough, but small pockets near the Pallini area east of Athens contained and kept under control. But the fire had destroyed 14 trucks owned ice-cream factory.
Isolated pockets of fire on the island of Kythnos recorded in the Aegean Sea and the north-west and south Peloponnese.
Fire fighting at the Palais-Fokaya south of Athens.

Podarnoy employee service in the smoke from the fire near the Palais-Fokaya.

Firefighter airplane in

The helicopter flies over the conflagration to the south of Athens.

Firefighter giving instructions to his counterpart in extinguishing the Palais Fokaya.
Photos: AP


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