Fires in Arizona photographic

Near Springervilla, Arizona.
The amount of smoke increases as the cities of Eagar and Springervill. Fires need hundreds of miles. Thousands of people were forced to evacuate their homes.

Tents for firefighters in Eagar, Arizona.

The crew is preparing to send to the line of fire for the night shift.

Father and daughter looking at the smoke from the fires in Apache County.

Firefighters prepare their equipment for reoperation slow the spread of fires, which captured a large part of eastern Arizona. The first fire occurred in the desert.

A man stands in front of his house and watching the spread of smoke in Springerville.

Roadside near Springervilla, Arizona.

Firefighters gather near Highway 260.

Members of the media came to the line of smoke in Springerville, Arizona.

Eagar, Arizona.
Teresa Mendes stands in a field on a background of smoke. Fires burned area, the size of the state capital of Phoenix.

Satellite Picture shows a cloud of smoke from a fire in Arizona.

Firefighters sleep between cars in the command post in Springerville. Smoke hung over the cities, where about 7,000 people.

Residents were evacuated from Eagar, when the fire came too close.

A woman pulls her dogs in the car to leave Springervill.

A police officer controls the traffic in the city. His gesture, it shows the need for motorists to leave Springervill.

Woman packed up and left his home in Springerville, because the fire came very close to human settlements.

Greer, Arizona.
Smoke stretches for miles.

Firefighters stand along the road near Springervilla.

Firefighters fear the fire, which originated in the state of Arizona, has spread to other nearby states.

A woman hugs her 18-month-old son. They are preparing to evacuate Springervilla in Phoenix.

Smoke fills the sky.

Smoke fills the sky over the route 180.

Fire maps, and allocate the area affected by the fire.


Smoke fills the city Greer.

Fire crew looks absolutely defenseless against the pillars of smoke.

Smoke ohvatyvaet Arizona.

Residents put their things in the car after the announcement of the mandatory evacuation.

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