Fires in the Amazon will become less intense

Season of forest fires in the Amazon Basin usually begins in May, peaks in September and ends in January. According to a new prediction model developed by scientists in the Amazon, belonging to Bolivia, Peru and Brazil, this year, a serious fire exceeds average or even be able to stay at a level below the average.

Scientists determine the intensity of the fire, starting from the information about the temperature of the water in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, from satellites. Thus, the model can be built for 10 months before the hot season. That should be enough time to organize the work in preparation for a meeting with the elements. This year's program is its first test in the field.
At the moment, the satellites show that the water in the central Pacific Ocean and the North Atlantic cooler norm. The cooler water affects the atmospheric circulation and increase rainfall over southern Amazon just at the time when they start a fire. The soil and plants absorb water and become more resistant to fire. In 2012, as in 2011 compared with 2010 expected just a normal moisture.
In the future a predictive model plan to perform in other areas of the planet, where the compliance with humidity / aridity depends intensity fires, such as in Indonesia and the U.S.. For the Amazon forest program is extremely important, as they are an important mechanism for cleaning the Earth's atmosphere of carbon dioxide.Source:

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