First aid for intestinal infections

First aid for intestinal infections.  Drawing from the site

If your well-being for no reason, no reason has deteriorated: headache, appetite deteriorated, and the temperature rose to38-39° C (optional), there is something to think about. And if after a few hours developed nausea and vomiting, severe stomach ache, diarrhea, and began torturing flatulence (bloating), then it is likely that you have picked up an intestinal infection.

Almost all acute intestinal infections manifest themselves very quickly: through 6-48 hours after being hit by disease-causing microbes in the body. So remember, it was not whether you eat or drink recently anything suspicious. You may also be non-bacterial poisoning (such as mushrooms or drugs). But if you forget to wash your hands before food, thoughtfully chewed fingernails, or visiting a sick friend with similar symptoms — a real infectious disease.

What to do?

If the patient began to complain of sudden loss of vision, mist and emerged strabismus, without delay, call "ambulance"! These are signs of the deadly botulism, and at the expense of the disease can go for hours and minutes.

If you suspect that another acute intestinal infection and infectious disease consultation is required. Especially if vomiting and diarrhea are rampant form.

Before the arrival of the expert can take the following measures:

  • Place the patient in the bed. Put next to containers of feces and vomit. Before drainage to waste their desirable to treat with bleach (1 part faeces and 2 parts of 10% bleach).
  • If a person has a fever, cover it with a warm blanket and put it at the feet of the pad.
  • The patient must provide a separate bowl and, if possible, a separate room.
  • Children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems is desirable to protect against contact with the sick, and the rest in order to prevent the spread of infection should be carefully followed the rules of personal hygiene.
  • It is good to wash a sick stomach, let him drink 1-15 liters of water, and then cause vomiting.
  • Constantly give the patient a warm drink, for example, weak tea with sugar. Restore lost fluids and salts in the exhausting vomiting and diarrhea will help the solution "rehydron" (1 sachet of powder to 1 liter of boiled water).
  • To display the microbes and toxins from the body, give the patient any enterosorbent "smectite", "Polyphepan", "Mikrosorb" etc.
  • From severe abdominal pain relieve "Nospanum. " However, before the arrival of the doctor's pain medication is not taken, it will distort the picture of the disease, and the expert can make the wrong diagnosis.

Even if the patient felt better, he has to stick to a diet. He did not hurt: rice porridge with water, sweet tea, grated apples, dairy products. Products that enhance fermentation in the gut (whole milk, white bread, beans, beets, cucumbers, cabbage) until he contraindicated.

Let's episode of intestinal infection quickly ended. However, after the normalization of the state is still recommended to visit an infectious disease. It is possible, for example, that the cause of the illness — worms, and patients need to consult physician parasitologist.

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