First aid for stroke

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If you checked the victim symptoms and signs of a stroke, call your "fast" and describe the symptoms to physicians who arrived at the place.

Signs and symptoms of a stroke

Remember 3 main meals recognition of stroke symptoms, so-called "PSM. "

  1. In — Ask the patient to smile.
  2. SW — Ask him to talk. Ask to utter a simple sentence. Connected. For example: "For the sun is shining"
  3. P — Ask them to raise both arms.

In stroke: Smile curve — one of the sides of the face bad man obeys, corner of lips is not up, but down is omitted, speaks haltingly, like a drunken man, and his hands are raised not on the same level, the arm on the affected side is always lower.

Ask the victim's tongue hanging out. And if the language of the curve or irregular in shape and falls for one side or the other, it is also a sign of a stroke.

What NOT to do in stroke

Do not try to solve the problem on its own.

What to do in stroke

Deliver the patient to the doctor. If you can not move on their own — call "fast". Remember that the victim must be maintained psychologically.

Great Soviet Encyclopedia:

STROKE, sudden brain disorder caused by a breach of its blood supply. The term "stroke" (from the Latin. Insultus — attack) emphasizes that neurological symptoms develop suddenly. With the breakdown in the flow of oxygen to the nerve cells die within five minutes. Depending on the location of the lesion symptoms of a stroke can be a weakness, double vision, impaired sensitivity, coordination and speech, confusion. Insult Also known as "acute stroke", "apoplexy", "blow".

As a stroke …

"During a holiday in nature, a woman stumbled and fell — she assured everyone that she was fine (friends insisted on calling an ambulance), and that she just tripped over a stone t k is not accustomed to his new shoes. Friends helped her shake and handed her a new plate of food. She continued to enjoy your vacation, despite the fact that she seemed a little agitated …

In the evening, called her husband and said that his wife was taken to the hospital — (at 6:00 pm she was gone.) During the picnic she had a stroke. If her friends knew how to install the signs of a stroke, perhaps she would be with us today.

Neurologist later said that if he could get to the victim within three hours, he could completely eliminate the effects of a stroke … totally. He also pointed out that the problem is how to set the stroke, the correct diagnosis, and then take the victim within 3 hours to a medical facility for care, which is quite difficult feasible forces witnesses to the incident. "


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