First certified by western standards for unmanned aircraft simulator in conjunction with the UAV Wolf-01

First certified by Western standards simulator for unmanned aircraft will appear on the Russian market in conjunction with the UAV "Wolf-01." About this ARMS-TASS on the 5th International Forum and Exhibition "Unmanned multipurpose vehicle systems» — UVS-TECH-2011 reported Yuri Osipov, project coordinator for the creation of training facilities for UAVs CSTS "Dynamics".

According to Osipov, unmanned aerial system with the device, "Wolf-01" created by "PAM — Holding" (MO, Dubna), commissioned by which the "Dynamics" is developing a simulator. His certification in accordance with international standards will provide certification of aircraft TsAGI. As the expert, the task of building simulators for unmanned aircraft systems center "Dynamics" started last year.

According to Osipov, the probability of flight accidents involving UAVs significantly higher compared with manned vehicles. Among the reasons for such statistics, the low information content and the time delay of incoming information and transfer of command information to board the UAV, the lack of tactile and other information related to the sensations pilot; "relaxed" UAV pilot at the lack of personal risk and the possible association with the subconscious computer game, the lack of efficient algorithms for automatic parry emergency situations, etc.

A distinctive feature of the product CSTS "Dynamics" is to reduce the impact of human factors through qualitative training of operators of unmanned aircraft. UAV operators simulators allow a route of flight, development of skills orientation in space, interacting with ATC, getting piloting skills, working with avionics and engines, with a payload of and interaction with the information consumers receive behavioral skills in special cases.

The base simulator includes a workplace instructor on one display, where it sets the initial conditions and in real time can simulate failures, as well as a number of working places for trainees, with a high degree of reliability relevant real. The use of the simulator as part of the objective control system allows the evaluation of the effectiveness of training. Requirements of the international standards laid already during the initial design of simulator development.

According to the representative CSTS "Dynamics", the developers of real unmanned aircraft can not create their own software simulators, which solve the problem other than the UAV. In particular, the creation of a real hardware required simulation of its operation. However, for testing operator response to failures of different systems require their simulation and, therefore, their mathematical modeling.

"CSTS" Dynamics "for 20 years doing this for large simulators and is able to transfer its experience in the field of unmanned vehicles," — said Osipov. He is confident that with the improvement of the UAV, the emergence of unmanned combat systems supply their customers in a complex with gym equipment will be mandatory.

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