First Division. Oleg Dolmatov a step away from the elite

[Img =] Last week, the three postponed matches were abandoned during play of the 35th round and took a full 37 minutes. As soon revived the intrigue of the struggle for the second start in the Premier League, apparently, on Sunday left the tournament finally bequeathed two lucky ticket "Rostov" and once again introduced a new head coach, "Kuban» … [b] Debutant-victor [/ b ] The fourth (!) per season steering "Kuban" Oleg Protasov "first attempt" has turned out to be extremely successful. Popular in the past Ukrainian footballer per day debut (though the lack of a work permit Protasov watched the game from the stands) actually managed to complete the task to the championship, which is jointly decided to prepare the team for the season, Alexander Tarhanov, Sergei Pavlov and who worked with the prefix " and. about. "Poghos Galustjan. The victory over the army of Krasnodar energy industry, coupled with the defeat of the main competitor of "Ural" in Belgorod led to the fact that the Southerners broke away from his pursuers by six points in six matches before the end of the tournament. For the first division — a solid head start, good finish and a calendar for the stresses of the Kuban not portend. Loss threatens only tour Naberezhnye Chelny — Ulyanovsk, but in four home games you can dial one hundred percent points. And this is quite enough. [Cut] [b] Pre "Rostov» [/ b] In the meantime, looking at the entire season divisional rivals from the top down "Rostov" is prepared to accept congratulations. After winning in Ulyanovsk, a leader is one step away from a return to the elite. To formalize this event Rostovites enough not to lose in the next round. There is only one question: will the swing Kulchiy and KO his coach Oleg Dolmatova in Naberezhnye Chelny, or put off a holiday on one stage — before returning to Rostov? .. [B] How to become a scorer [/ b] Scoring a goal in Vladikavkaz, the hero of the tour according to the "Sports" Denis Popov not only helped the "Torpedo" to win a crucial victory, but came out on top goalscorer in the dispute. Meanwhile, the list of leading "shooters" helps to understand the nature of how to be a scorer in the first division. To do this during the season … to look for another job! Judge for yourself: Popov succeeded "Chernomorets" to "torpedo" his pursuer Shishelov moved from the "Star" in the "Ural". Among the contenders for the title and the best scorer of the season 2007 Dmitry Akimov, has changed in the summer of Novosibirsk and Rostov who found new motivation. [B] In Irkutsk, found the money [/ b] Home-team division problem "Star"-still found the means to continue the performance. Irkutsk people went to the game in Novorossiysk and Krasnodar, avoiding the second technical defeat and withdrawal from the tournament. Apparently, the "Star" abandoned during play this season. It is clear that the question of maintaining the place in the first division is not, however, this will allow the club to keep for next season professional status. [B] It is written! [/ B] «I recently was at the game," Zenith "-" Real "and envied by looking at the fan sector," Zenith ". Today, the East Stand, despite the attitude to me personally, was even better than zenitovskie fans, "- the head coach of" Alania "Stanislav Tskhovrebov. "In spite of the worst in the Russian field, both teams, I think, have shown a very good football," — the head coach, "Rostov" Oleg Dolmatov. [B] Calendar [/ b] * [b] Calendar «Kuban»: [/ b] «Star» (d), "Chernomorets" (d) "KAMAZ" (g) "Volga" (g) " Mashuk-KMV "(d)," Alania "(d) * [b] Calendar« Ural »: [/ b] SKA (g)," Values "(d)," Hero "(d)," Siberia "( g) "Metallurg-Kuzbass" (g) "Dynamo" BRN (d) * [b] Calendar «KamAZ»: [/ b] «Rostov" (d), "Energiya" (g), "The Star "(g)," Kuban "(d)" Chernomorets "(d)" Volga "(d) [b] In the 38th round, there are [/ b] October 8, Wednesday:" Volga "-" Dinamo " br; "Kamaz" — "Rostov", "Alania" — "Baltika", "Mashuk-KMV" — "Torpedo", "Anji" — "Dinamo" BRN, "Sportakademklub" — "Metallurg-Kuzbass", "Salyut- Energy "-" Siberia "; SKA -" Ural "," Chernomorets "-" SKA-Energia "," Kuban "-" Star ".

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