First Division. Results of the season. We’ll meet again!

In early November, over the next championship of Russia on football in the first division. According to the results of trips to the Premier League FC won the "growth" and Krasnodar "Kuban". Different were the tournament the way these teams last season. Distinct and future prospects of both clubs. Today we will speak about the triumphant victors of the tournament in the first division — "Chicago." Ended the 2008 season brought FC "Rostov" landslide victory in the first division. The team from the banks of the Don was in the lead during the entire tournament race and did not allow doubt of his superiority over his rivals. No wonder that finished ahead of Rostov after them, "Kuban" by 9 points, and the third prize winner of the first division, "KAMAZ" and did a 17! Such weighty advantages are not achieved nor are given in the Premier League a year ago Yaroslavl "Shinnik" nor won the year before that Moscow "Khimki". Only Grozny "Terek" in Pas-2004 showed a similar result. [Url =] continuing [/ url]

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