First Russian strike UAV will present at the MAKS-2011

MOSCOW, Aug. 10 — RIA Novosti. First Russian strike UAV "Ray" will be presented for the first time at the Moscow Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2011, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday an official representative of JSC "Concern" Vega "Alex Nedelin.


"The exhibition concern" Vega "at MAKS-2011 will be presented to a full-scale model of a new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), medium-range, the development of which is made within the design office of the concern" Ray "- he said.

"Ray" is designed for the following applications: electro-optical, radar, radio and electronic reconnaissance, retransmission.

Representative of the group stressed that the new bespilotnike possible to install offensive weapons or in a container under the fuselage, or on pylons.

"The total weight of ammunition and weapons control systems 150 — 170 pounds," — said Nedelin.

Thus, the "Ray" — the first Russian drone strike. Prior to that enterprises of the Russian defense industry have been developing extremely intelligence drones.

UAVs "Ray" is based on a manned aircraft, "Sigma-5" and is a plane made by two-beam scheme with a pusher propeller. UAV is equipped with four-piston-cylinder turbocharged engine ROTAX-914, working on automobile gasoline. Taking off and landing on aircraft manufactured by tricycle wheel chassis with a retractable in-flight bow support.

For transportation and storage of aircraft wing folding performed. The unit is composed by hand by one person in less than two minutes. Overall dimensions of the UAV "Ray": Wingspan — 8.7 m, length — 5,85 m, height — 2.4 meters.

The device is able to explore for the transmission of information in real time within a radius of 250 kilometers, and with the use of a repeater to 350 kilometers. With the use of flight recorder information, intelligence increases the radius of 500 kilometers.

Maximum speed — 270 km / h., The maximum altitude — 7000 meters. Flight Duration 18 hours (increasing the wingspan by installing additional endings and increased fuel capacity — up to 30 hours). Take-off weight of UAVs to 800 pounds. Engine power — 115 hp

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