First time in the history of mankind would see the entire Sun


The first time people will see the sun completely, by 360 degrees of its circumference, the eyes of two NASA probes STEREO-A and STEREO-B, that on Sunday, at 19.00 MSK will be in the opposite points of the heliocentric orbit, according to NASA.

See both the entire surface of the Sun and all its atmosphere means that you can accurately predict space weather for Earth. Emissions of plasma on the sun affect the magnetic field of the planet, causing the aurora, radio failures and even problems with the electricity grid.

When scientists see the full three-dimensional picture of the solar activity, in particular, the end picture of solar wind, the active area on the "neck" of our light, they will be able to know in advance what to expect when these areas will be in the field of view of humans, and will impact on our planet.

To see the entire surface of the Sun, NASA in October 2006, sent two probes into space, "twin" STEREO (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory). The probes were launched into Earth's heliocentric orbit — one "walked" in front of the Earth, and the other in its tail. Gradually they dispersed, and on Sunday made two opposite points of the sun.

On Sunday, after 19.00 MSK NASA to unveil the first ever three-dimensional picture of the Sun.

These pictures from the STEREO probes will be supplemented with a high-resolution orbiting solar observatory NASA SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory), launched February 11, 2010.


Source: RIA "Novosti".

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