Fish kill in Arkansas


01.03.11. SalamNews, F.Halilova. Several thousand dead drum fish (family stsienovyh) washed ashore in Arkansas, near Roseville.

Arkansas State Department of Health recommends that fishermen of the village near the Roseville boat landing on the Arkansas River not to eat dead fish floating on the surface of the water, reports SalamNews reference to CNN.

Fishing and fishing Commission and Department of Environmental Quality, Arkansas are investigating the situation to determine the causes of environmental disaster, Inspector rule version of toxic emissions or low oxygen content.

Recall that on January 1 in Arkansas were killed over a thousand blackbirds. Experts in special costumes and masks purified city of the dead birds. 65 dead birds have been sent to various laboratories for research.

Ornithologists are trying to determine the causes for the mass death of a thrush, Saturday literally falling from the sky over one of the cities in the state of Arkansas.


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