Fish kill in the Bryansk reservoirs occurred because of lack of oxygen

One of the most resonant PE leaving summer was a mass death of fish in the rivers Sudost and gums. Initially, among the possible causes of the incident called the contamination of water bodies with pesticides. Find out the true cause of the accident was to experts with the participation of fishing control Rospotrebnadzor. Bryansk Centre of Hygiene and Epidemiology, made an examination, which gave all the answers.

All collected samples of water, a decrease of dissolved oxygen in it — the most important indicator for the life of the fish, — the chief specialist of the health surveillance Rospotrebnadzor Bryansk region Victor Mikhalchenko. — The recommended distance is four milligrams was actually found two to three and a half milligrams per liter of water — water was observed biochemical demand for oxygen. Surveyed for the presence of heavy metals, petroleum products, chemicals, pesticides — any deviation from the hygienic standards for these indicators have been identified. We made the unequivocal conclusion that the mass death of fish was associated with hot weather, because of what was a decrease of dissolved oxygen in the water, which eventually led to such disastrous consequences.

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