Fish kill in the Voronezh region. Video


13.10.11.Ona dushitsya in the crush at the springs, helplessly gasping for air, and killed hundreds of pounds every day. Fish in the pond painfully dying, say experienced fishermen. They watched the agony of each year, and, as noted, this occurs mainly in autumn.

Contrary to popular wisdom, the fish from the pond can easily catch even a child. Moreover, fishing rod and do not need enough to scoop up the water with a shovel, and the catch will be a success. Local men so fishing records set.
Victor Gorlov resident Gribanovka:

"For one strayed take out 30-40 pounds of fish. The entire cost for the spring. The pond water is smelly. "

Sergei Kurnosov, resident Gribanovka:

"The first year, when there was a pond here, walking, fishing and eating the fish, and after all this happened, so we stopped to eat it. Just afraid, who knows what it is. It really did not check on the analysis, we do not know, you can eat it, you can not. "

Fears confirmed fans and professionals. In a healthy body of water so residents themselves do not lead. Especially in the fall, when the oxygen in the water should be enough. The cause of the plague of fish can be explained only in the laboratory.
Nikolai Kondratiev, Inspector of Upper Don Department of Fisheries:

"This fish is taken for analysis, as the living and the dead. Take water and soil. At this point, and even in other places. In three places, preferably with different depths. Analysis is done and it is determined that there is present, something, someone nearby, what that company is doing what it discharges. "

Nearby there is only one company — a sugar factory. On him and sin locals. However, officially the People's version is not confirmed. Environmentalists recently audited company, and found no violations. Analysis, which would help to identify the source of contamination, do not. This procedure is paid, and no one owns the pond. His once thrown sprawling farm. But as they say, the local people here fishing for lazy, come many. Where then transported obviously infected fish, no one knows.

Olesya Tikhomirov Alexander Shamans

Source: STRC "Voronezh"

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