Fish kills in Bulgaria


18.07.11.Regionalnaya Inspectorate of Environment and Water (rice) announced today that the mysterious death of fish in the river near Banska Haskovo village Kolokotnitsa.

Signal that arrived on Saturday. Experts gathered enough rice for a few hours more than 50 kg of dead fish. The first assumption — blame adjacent poultry farm, which descended into the water poisoned by sewage.

However, the verification of the samples of water for acidity and alkalinity showed that everything was normal, was within the permissible amount of dissolved oxygen in the water and electrical conductivity. Analysis for phosphate, COD, BOD5, nitrogen, and ammonites will be ready in a couple of days.

Curiously, the annual summer fish in large quantities in the river dies Banska for several days, and the real cause of her death is still not established,-passes

Source: Bulgaria news on-line

Bulgaria. Environmental disaster in the town of Debelets

15.07.11.Kak passes BNT, in the river near the town of Belitsa Debelets found in large quantities dead fish.
In water samples taken 4 days ago, revealed an increased concentration of styrene. In the study area found three places that was drained toxic substance.

To date, experts say, the content of hazardous substances in the water below the permissible level. But people are afraid to water gardens with water from the river and catch Belitsa in her fish.

Source: Bulgaria news on-line

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