Fish kills in northern India


25.05.11.Mertvaya fish in a river in northern India are seriously concerned about the Indians. Many Hindu devotees revere this source as a saint and visited cities in India Mathur forced to either close down their noses because of the many dead fish rotting exuding a foul odor.

Narendra Kumar Sharma, Local Priest:
"A lot of fish died in the river and no one cares about them. The smell is such that the parishioners have to shut their faces. But local authorities do nothing. "

Several activists and religious preachers to present demands to the authorities of the city to clean reku.No results to no avail. Sharma believes district authorities used money funds reserved for such cases, not on purpose, and now can not afford to take action.

Hari Om Sharma, Social Activist:
"The regional government of Uttar Pradesh did not follow instructions given by the Supreme Court to provide clean water to pilgrims, but the directions are not properly vypolnyalis.Situatsiya as you can see, has not changed in any way. Of the $ 5 million dedicated to such use, about 90 percent had been spent but the condition of the water has not improved. Thousands of dead fish in the river, and that's why the water comes from a fetid smell. '

And no one can tell when something is changed for the better.

Translation: Time factor


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