Fish kills in the Belgorod region


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18.07.11.V Stary Oskol Gerasimos removed from the river for more than 10 thousand dead birds fish REGNUM correspondent July 18 in the press service of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs.

July 17 downstream Gerasim towards Stary reservoir was flow from the dead fish. Arrived on the scene investigative team. In order to prevent contamination of water, the management of the police, it was decided to raise the department on alert.

To save the pond Law enforcement attracted residents nearest settlement. Moved to the pond Emergency Situations Ministry. In a safe place for disposal was organized dead fish carcasses were treated with special reagents.

According to witnesses, strange smell from the water to feel the place on Saturday, July 16, at the same time and was seen first dead fish. Environmentalists have taken water samples taken for analysis of fish samples. Prior to the completion of examination to talk about the cause of fish kills early. However, according to one theory, it could be due to dumping of industrial waste into the river, or because of an accident at the plant, which is located by the river in the upper reaches of the Kursk region.

The measures taken by the police, emergency, residents of the area will reduce the chance of food poisoning biodegradation of Stary reservoir.



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