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16.06.12.V Odessa region another environmental disaster — the massive fish die in the Dniester estuary. According to representatives of environmental organizations, the cause of death — unauthorized discharge of faeces in the village of Chabot. On the ground and correspondent visited TIMER.

President of the South Ukrainian Ecological Union Valery Osipov, looking at water estuary, exclaims, "we have another emergency. We can see how the thousands of dead fish floating in the pond. Why are all the fish died? From the dumping of feces. "

Shabskogo representatives of the village council, of course, does not show that the fish in the estuary are killed by their fault, but they do not deny that the problems with the disposal of sewage they really are.

Chief Engineer for Utilities village Shabo Tikhoplav Victor says that from the village pumping station to treatment plant Dnestr estuary must pass two strands pressure collector. But just something not reached 1.5 kilometers. And that happened back in the 1980s when paved collector. Local public utilities can be turned out: sewage emissions spent on irrigation field, is a special pit large area. Dumped into pits impurities are filtered through the ground, the remnants of feces raking technique and removed. In fact, feces on the road with the pumping station just thrown out of the pipe on the ground.

"To some extent, this is a threat to the ecological situation. Lyman close, and on the earth filtration is not enough "- said the expert.

To bring the collector to treatment plants in Belgorod-Dniester, needs are not that great tools, says the engineer, — approximately 1.5 million hryvnia. The work itself is going to cost 600-800 thousand hryvnia, the remaining funds will go to develop a new design documentation, tendering procedures and other formalities.

In fact, the money allocated. Just leave them clearly for the completion of sewerage facilities.

"The company, which was the main contractor for the final design of the collector, provided two certificate of completion. But my predecessors had signed only one act, as in the second highlight not the work that had to be undertaken. Upon refusal to sign this act began checking the regional prosecutor's office. When the scan is over, it became clear that the authorities are not to blame the village Chabot, a general contractor, who, incidentally, was a subcontractor. General Contractor of the works is the company "Odessakommunekologiya" subcontractor was Izmail department "Dunayvodstroy." In 2008, two criminal cases, one against the general contractor, the second — against those who worked on the technical supervision of the project — a representative of Belgorod-Dniester district administration, which does not work. Then, the two cases were combined into one. Since 2008, the go trials, but to no avail, "- says the chairman of the village council Shabskogo Yuri Muntean.

In 2011, the Regional Council has allocated 150 000 hryvnia for the development of new technical documentation. But local authorities did not have time to learn money through no fault of their reasons, the money went back into the budget. In the end, complains the chairman, he was told until you close the criminal case against the contractor, no money to provide them will not.

Situation interested faction leader of the party "Rodina" at Odessa Regional Council Constantine Grinchenko. Deputy angered size theft.

"I saw a classically stolen public money. If, as far as I am aware, of the 1.7 million hryvnia, which have been identified, they stole a million, then I think it is a crime against the taxpayers, people and nature. Because of this, we are witnessing a massive fish kills in the Dniester estuary, as seen in plants of a 20-year-old "- outraged by the deputy.

According to him, at the last session of the regional council was allocated 900 000 hryvnia to the treatment plant in the town of Chabot. That this money did not go nowhere, and the problem was finally resolved, the deputy promised to come to grips with a solution.

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Fish kills in the Dniester estuary — not guilty …

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