Fish kills in the Mytishchi pond. Video


29.07.11.V Mytishchi wanted those who poisoned the pond Central City Park.
Near the pond — a strong chemical smell that with wind gusts up to the nearest houses. Added to it and the smell of rotting fish.

Three days ago the same killing a few ducks. Those that survived, look clearly unhealthy. Float on the water surface dead perch. According to residents of neighboring houses, cause ecological disaster — an unknown chemical that someone secretly poured into water.

The pond is now underway to strengthen the banks, but it was unlikely to cause pollution. In all of this there are people who are willing to swim even in such water. The authorities have not responded to what is happening in Central Park at the city administration building located in the vicinity of the pond, and the smell of rotting fish and heard through the windows of officials.

Source: Vesti-Moskva


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