Fish kills in the Volgograd region


2.06.11.Ustanovleny cause mass mortality of silver carp in the Volgograd oblasti.Po preliminary results, the fish kill was the result of the discharge of pollutants (oil) from passing ships, the press service of Federal Agency for Fishery.

522 copies of the dead carp weighing 2.6 tons were found at three sites coastline Bereslavskaya reservoir. In Varvarovskom reservoir of dead fish less — 60 pcs., Weighing 0.3 tons. Mechanical damage, ulcers, tumors, attacks on the body of the fish were found.

Fishing fish length varies from 36 to 132 cm, weight of 2 to 35 kg. The average length of dead carp — 67.8 cm, average weight 5.0 kg.

To conduct hydrochemical analysis, in the waters of the Volga-Don Canal — Bereslavskaya Varvarovskogo and reservoirs — water samples were taken and sent to the Volgograd regional vetlabaratoriyu. Toxicological analysis of specimens sent to the same dead carp for due diligence.

According to the preliminary conclusion of a joint commission of experts "Nizhnevolzhrybvod" and Lower Volga Volga-Caspian Department of Territorial Administration fish kill occurred presumably from 3 to 10 days ago in a discharge of pollutants (oil) to vessels.

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