Fish kills on Vasyugan’e


Photo: Press Service Tomskneft

20.04.11.Ob reported in a letter to the TV2 News Agency press-service of "Tomskneft" VNK.V report said that the information about the death of fish in the river Yagyl-Yah (Kargasoksky area) due to oil spill is unreliable.

"We find no evidence that would so dramatically affect the state of rivers spill in February 2011, oil prices (in the amount of 60 kg) was immediately collected, and all the dirty ice is cut and removed. Other activities. Recycled oil is currently operating normally ", — stated in the letter.

According to the press-service of "Tomskneft" INC, the company believes that the death of fish due to natural factors:

"At the same time, it should be noted that in the spring in the Siberian taiga rivers and lakes are ubiquitous in marine fish. This is a normal seasonal phenomenon, regularly observed in nature — fish under the ice suffers from a lack of oxygen. Case discussed today can be attributed just to the same category, "- stressed in the press-service of" Tomskneft ".

Recall, the editor of the News Agency of TV2 villager New Vasyugan Alexander Vorotyntseva the images and writing about the death of fish in the river Yagyl-Yah and unbearable smell on its banks.

TV2 News Agency

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