Fish mortality in the Netherlands


21.07.11.Kak predicted Dutch ichthyologists, upon the occurrence of heat last week, in some documented cases of closed basins fish mortality from summer Zamora.

At the beginning of the death of fish is not affected even local heavy rains that hit some parts of the country.

Mass Zamora marked in two reservoirs. The first was a pond Peony in Groningen. In general, the existence of fish in this pond are often threatened. Thus, in one of the frosty winters thick ice caused massive winter freeze.

Since the fish fauna of the pond is quite frequently affected by natural disturbances, the Federation of Sport Fishing with the support of the local branch of the Ministry of Environment is monitoring the state of water in the reservoir for the study of the effect of weather conditions on the state of fish stocks.

This will help in the future to reduce the risk of fish kills in similar reservoirs.

Another such was the nearby pond, pond Veele. It also marked a significant mortality of fish caused by a sharp fall in the content of oxygen in the water as a result of the ensuing heat, which coincided with the start of cleaning drainage flowing from the lake channel.

Source: Fisheries Federation of Sports of Russia

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