Flood in Afghanistan killed 27 people

In the north Afghanistan today as a result of storm floods
at least 27 people living in mountain areas. Many people remain missing. This is the second flooding in the last week in the north, from the first 21 deaths.

As the governor of Takhar province, Abdul Jabar Tagva, dozens of flood affected villages in Ishkamish. He expressed concern that the number of victims of natural disasters may increase. Rescuers trying to get into the flood zone, but there can not be reached by car. According Tagvy, it needs helicopters."High water" in Takhar province in the north-eastern Afghanistan, killed at least 27 people. The fate of many local residents remains unknown. On it informs RIA Novosti referring to the Associated Press. According to the provincial governor Abdul Jabbar Taqwa, a powerful stream of water knocked down the dam, resulting in the valley was flooded, and several villages destroyed.

The cause of the flood were the incessant rains.

Find people who went missing continues.

Earlier in May as a result of flooding in the northern province of Sar-i-Pul has killed more than 25 people. It was destroyed about 45 houses in a village.

Source: utro.ru.

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