Flood in Genoa: streets littered with cars, six people were killed

In Genoa, a state of emergency. The central and eastern parts of the city were under water, which rose by almost half a meter.Flood in Genoa

The authorities of Genoa — the largest city in the north-western coast of Italy — announced a state of emergency. Over the weekend, the city was flooded flooding. Due to rains in Italy who do not cease for a long time, the central and eastern parts of the port city were under water, which rose by almost half a meter. Disaster victims are at least six people.

Five of them, including two children, were killed when water flooded the hall house, where they sought refuge. Another victim was a woman who could not get out from under the car, which was washed flow.

On the roads of debris formed from cars and garbage cans, large parts of Genoa is no light and gas, closed schools, museums and public institutions, reports BBC.

Authorities asked residents not to leave their homes and possibly ride out a disaster on the upper floors. Especially not recommended to attempt to leave the city, because the greatest danger lies in wait for people on the roads.

"Everything that was in the street — cars, scooters, tanks — all took the water. We saw a woman in the river washed away" — said a resident of Genoa.

"It was a tragedy that we did not expect," — said the mayor of Genoa March Vicenza.

Italian television showed a stream of water washes away cars and people walking the streets knee-deep in water. Flooded hundreds of stores. Injured firefighters evacuated by rubber boats and divers.

Recall Italy flooding rains since October. Particularly hard-hit region of Liguria. There's dozens of collapsed houses and bridges, flooded roads, there have been several landslides. Killed at least 9 people. In central Italy victims of the weather in Rome and Naples are two others.


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