Flood risk for England to quadruple

By 2035, the risk of flooding in England will be meeting throughout the country, will increase four-fold. This is the conclusion a special state commission to analyze the data on the amount of precipitation, especially in view of the situation in June 2012.

Preventive measures to strengthen buildings, better planning of new housing and training of the population should be conducted immediately, according to representatives of the authorities and meteospetsialisty. Provision is also special subsidies from the state budget for the costs associated with the planned protective measures, so you do not have to pay for the damage element of damage.
Antizatopitelnye introduce additional measures in England really need to, because floods will be the main type of natural disasters in the country in this century, and the costs of mitigation of their consequences by 2080 will reach 12 million pounds ($ 18.63 million). Complicated is the situation in potentially dangerous areas, because there the percentage of construction and commissioning of new housing over the past 10 years has increased by 12%. Total percentage of the country has grown by 7%.
Along with the increase flood risk rises and the risk of deterioration of quality of fresh water, which also depends on population growth and other climatic changes, not to mention too high, the level of consumption in England as part of the development of the north-western Europe. Special programs to reduce water consumption in the home to 700 million liters per day, which is three times more economical than today.Source: ecowars.tv

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