Flooded the southern provinces of Thailand

In southern Thailand continues to rain, which caused flooding in several provinces at once. In Ranong and Chumphon flooded five districts, residents suffered from Krabi arrived in their home waters. There is evidence of one who died in an accident on a flooded road. Element felled trees which crashed to death motorcyclist.
Bad weather ruined plans of local sailors, who make their living by extracting the only marine fish. Since thunderstorms accompanied by strong wind, or more vessels or small boats can not go out in the Gulf of Thailand, where the raging waves up to 2-3 meters. There is damage to dozens of coastal structures, derived from crushing waves. Their owners are forced to evacuate.
Deplorable state of the roads in the south of Thailand, the main highways are not currently available for small vehicles. Local authorities estimate the damage to crops excessive moisture. Meteorological forecasts say that in the coming days, the situation with the water coming and continuous rains in Thailand will remain the same as over the Andaman Sea and the Gulf hovered steady south-west monsoon.

Source: ecowars.tv.

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