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11.01.11.Navodnenie in Brisbane in the Australian state of Queensland, claimed the lives of 11 people, 70 people are still missing.

Because of the threat of flooding, state police called for the evacuation of the third largest Australian city of Brisbane, whose homes are located in the lowlands. Many houses in this city may be flooded, and the water comes quickly: witness confirmed that the water level in the river in one hour up to half a meter.

The victims of the floods in the Australian state of Queensland were 11 people, including two children, and more than 70 remain missing.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh said that on Tuesday night there were extraordinary events. Many people are missing or have been blocked, rescuers continue to search for them bravely. In the rescue operation involved helicopters. It should be noted that, according to Bly, the number of flood victims could increase significantly, according to the BBC BBC.

In the next two days in Brisbane, it may be flooded 6,500 residential and commercial real estate, this warned Mayor Campbell Newman.

This problem is exacerbated by the fact that in areas at risk of flooding, running out of food supplies. This applies to the suburbs to the west of Brisbane — Toowoomba, located about 600 meters above sea level. 10 years, there are people suffering from the drought, and now the area is included in the list of high-risk areas because of flooding.

Torrential rains caused a real flood, which unexpectedly hit Toowoomba.


The police say that in Toowoomba killed a woman and a child: their car was swept away the water flow. Many residents to flee the floods on rooftops.

A flood of Brisbane residents were given sandbags, so they could protect their homes from the water by building a makeshift dam.

Tropical storms, which began in November, led to the most serious flooding in decades in Queensland, which has already suffered because of 200,000 people. Disappointing forecasts: forecasters expect new rains.

Element already eroded roads and railways, destroyed fields with crops and paralyzed the coal industry in Australia.

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The waves washed away the whole city

Giant waves that struck the city, just a few hours this town wiped off the face of the earth. The victims were raging nature of at least eight dozen local residents.

Australian media said the almost complete destruction of the giant waves of the city called Toowoomba, as well as the deaths of at least eight of its inhabitants, of which there are four children.

According to witnesses violence of elements, the waves that hit the city looked like a tsunami.

It is known that 72 people remain missing. Rescuers believe that the majority of these people have died in the muddy water.


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