Flooding in Bangkok … Photographic

Thai woman struggles to stay on his feet, as the flood waters whipped through the market.

Severe flooding that covered a third of the country and got to the capital of Thailand. Other governments to urge their citizens to avoid travel to Thailand. Most of Bangkok remained undrowned and more than 9 million residents remain in their homes in order to protect against possible attack by water. Because of the uncertainty in the fate of the capital local government officially declared a 5-day weekend.

Flooding continues to spread. People wait for the bus to leave Bangkok.

Thailand is suffering from severe floods in the last 50 years. Thai Airways plane is parked in a flooded service center.

Children play on a flooded street in Bangkok.

Local residents are wading through flooded streets on the outskirts of Bangkok.

The water level is increasing. Thai man sneaks through the flooded streets of Bangkok.

Thai man driving a Tuk Tuk.

A woman pushes a boat.

Thais use styrofoam blocks to move the car through a flooded street on the outskirts of Bangkok.

A man crosses a flooded street.

Thai boat sits in front of his flooded home.

Thai monk makes a purchase in a partially flooded store.

Local residents moving on makeshift rafts, as they make their way through a flooded area in Bangkok.

Thai boy has a dog in her arms.

Residents of Thailand's move on homemade improvised rafts.

Thais try to protect your home from flooding.

Workers are barikady of sandbags.

Gas station owner sits on a fence next to the flooded dressing.

Local residents enjoy a public telephone.

Source: photo-day.ru

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