Flooding in Bangkok suffered almost 500 thousand people

Bangkok City Hall announced November 12 that during the strongest in 50 years floods in the Thai capital from the disaster suffered 494.893 thousand people in 12 partially submerged urban areas.

From the end of October, when the water began to seep in Bangkok and flooded low-lying urban areas of 50 districts of 12 were fully or partially flooded to a depth of 20 centimeters to 2 meters. A total of 494.893 thousand people living in those areas affected by the floods, officials said Bangkok.

November 12 experts Bangkok city administration also announced that on the morning measurements of the water level in the channel Bang Si separating the two flooded area north of the city center of Bangkok, has decreased by more than 20 centimeters. At the same time subjected to a flood of western areas of Bangkok water level rises. This is explained by the fact that there continues to drain water from the northern suburbs and from the suburbs.

Source: www.kommersant.r

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