Flooding in Italy: showers looming on Piedmont

Special warnings announced throughout northern Apennines. Civil defense forces took control of the area of special flood. On the eve of a storm with heavy rains hit the Liguria, the biggest port city of Genoa was flooded. The disaster killed six people, among them are children. They were washed away by flood waters in the streets.

Local residents accuse the authorities of being unprepared for bad weather. The city is completely stopped traffic to Sunday barred private transport. Schools are closed, moved the football match between the highest Italian league "Genoa" — "Inter". Heavy rains continue. Authorities urged citizens not to attempt to leave the city alone and advised to seek shelter on the upper floors of buildings.

"All that was on the street, cars, scooters, water tanks, water is pulled. We saw a woman in the river washed away. Raining, the situation becomes more complicated, the worst we expect by the end of the day. Currently we are trying by all means divert the river bed "- the locals say.

Bad weather coverage and other regions of Liguria, just a day has dropped more than 200 millimeters of rain. The critical situation is fixed in the vicinity of La Spezia, where the risk of floods and vanishing river flooding. The current flooding in Liguria is the most powerful and destructive over the past 50 years.

According to meteorologists, the cyclone is moving west. Soon rains begin in the Piedmont, which already announced a special warning.

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