Flooding in Japan: From the house was gone

In Japan, thousands of people were left homeless. In the south-west of the country whole neighborhoods were under water after Wednesday at Kyushu hit torrential rains that triggered floods and mudflows gathering. At least 22 people were killed, 5,500 remain trapped by the disaster.

The roads leading to some villages completely washed and they formed landslides. This man said that he had never in his life seen such heavy rains:

"On Thursday morning, the accumulated rain water gushing down a hill and a flood washed away in a matter of seconds everything that they come across in the way. From homes was gone."

Japanese officials urged residents of Fukuoka Prefecture, Saga, Oita and Kumamoto from their homes. In the area were evacuated 400,000 people.

Under the temporary shelters adapted schools, kindergartens, municipal buildings. Elderly and sick people being evacuated from their homes in helicopters, many of them require medical attention. Meteorologists say that the weather conditions have improved, but do not exclude that in the coming days, the rains may return.

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