Flooding in Niger killed 52 people

Unprecedented over the past eighty years, the flooding in Niger killed 52 people and destroyed many buildings, authorities said today African country.

In the capital, Niamey affected all areas without exception. Head of Rescue and Fire Department Niger Mahamane Lamine Moussa said that one day 119 millimeters of rain fell, and the water level in the rivers rose to a record in 1929.

Four hundred thousand people in the capital were moved to temporary shelters, organized in schools and mosques. In the northern province of Agadez was flooded 81 d, and 45,000 people were left homeless. In the area of water destroyed Dosso 14.5 thousand houses, and in the province of Tillaberi was washed away 1,500 acres of rice crops, according to ITAR-TASS.

Source: News

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