Flooding in Saudi Arabia


ER-Riya, January 27 — RIA Novosti. Floods caused by heavy rains have killed four people in the Saudi city of Jeddah, said Thursday the head of the civil defense of the kingdom Saad Al-Tuveydzhri.

Third day in the western province of Saudi Arabia are downpours caused a powerful cyclone. The water level in the economic capital of the Kingdom of Jeddah, located in the midst of disaster, has reached unprecedented 104 millimeters. Many people are trapped water in their homes and offices.

"Agency staff and volunteers have been saved over 1.3 thousand people. Search and rescue operations do not stop for a minute. It is currently known about the deaths of four people, "- said Al-Tuveydzhri.

The regional authorities in the fight against the elements involved aircraft and other special equipment. Provided to those in need temporary housing.

"The drainage network covers only 10% of Jeddah. In other parts of the city it is not there. As for storm flows, have not needed it built the dam. The project was delayed, the work should have started a month ago, "- said the Governor of Makkah Prince Khaled Al-Faisal.

With such a natural phenomenon Jeddah province has faced a month ago. However, the most dramatic of this desert country were the events of 2009, when devastating floods killed 118 people. Most local media blamed the disaster, local authorities, which, in their opinion, did not take the necessary measures to urban development squander the funds allocated from the budget for the development of the sewerage and drainage system of the city.

RIA Novosti

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