Flooding in Taiwan

After prolonged rains, the strongest in the last couple of years, in the heart of Taiwan have been many mudslides. Seven thousand people were evacuated and 11 are injured, including six people killed in the province of Nantes, two of them died in hospital. Two people reported missing. In large cities, schools are closed, dozens of roads no longer be operating, including 57 major roads in Taiwan, large areas are de-energized.

Taoyuan County poultry farms suffered damage after the flooding of their facilities. From the south, the second largest city in Taiwan, Kaohsiung evacuated about 3,200 people. 1.5 thousand evacuated to a safe area of the neighboring villages, after the country descended over 700 mm of rainfall. In coastal areas of 285 rivers in Tainan, Taichung and Kaohsiung, as well as in the counties of Chiayi, Nantou and Pintung declared a "red" code risk from landslides. Even in 398 places of danger code "yellow".

Loss of agriculture in the country reached 10.57 million U.S. dollars from the start of rainfall, that is, from June 9, 212 years. Suffered the most southern counties of Chiayi, Kaohsiung and Pintung, northern Taoyuan County and Nantou. According to weather forecasts, the rain will not stop in the next week.

Source: ecowars.tv.

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