Flooding in Thailand hit the electronics

Severe flooding in Thailand could cause a painful blow to the global electronics, resulting in particular, widespread failures in the production of personal computers and the serious problems in the digital camera market.

As reported by the Tokyo press, as a result of river flooding in the country severely affected many companies producing parts for hard disk drives. The work of some businesses completely paralyzed. On Thailand accounts for 60 percent of global production of key components for the computer, and its current problems will inevitably have a global impact.

Now shut down due to flooding as 8 out of 10 factories located in Thailand, the Japanese company "Fujikura", occupying 10 percent of the world market flexes printed circuits required for the release of smartphones and other sophisticated electronics. Virtually all of its production, the company has concentrated in Thailand, which will also affect the situation in the global electronics, ITAR-TASS reported.

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