Flooding in the Fiji Islands. Video


01.03.12. Tropical cyclone 30 March 2012 caused flash floods, which resulted in the motorway were closed and residents of the main island of Viti Levu, to pick up on the roofs of their houses had to be evacuated. Due to heavy rains in the western part of the island floods.

According to the National Office management in critical situations, the water level was much higher than during the January floods, which killed 11 people. Tropical cyclone TD17F moving south at 19 kilometers per hour.

Most affected by the floods west of the island, in particular Nadi town, which has an international airport, Ba, Lautoka, Rakiraki and Sigatoka. The majority of flights at the airport were canceled. National office management in critical situations, it opened 11 evacuation centers, but no data on the number of evacuees have been reported yet.

According to the National Weather Service predicted heavy rains, accompanied by strong gusts of wind, will go up to April 1. Although the level of flooding is considered dangerous until it was dead.

Fiji is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and consists of 330 islands. Main islands of Viti Levu considered (10,429 square kilometers) and Vanua Levu (5,556 square kilometers). The total area of the islands is 18,330 square kilometers with a population of 828,000 people. Most of the islands are prone to floods and tropical cyclones, which cause annual losses of several million dollars. Earthquakes are also a common feature for the islands. For example, March 30, 2012 were recorded tremors 5.3.

Source:  EcoWars.TV , hasratroyhana ,stegies

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