Flooding in the province of West Bengal

As a result of the flooding that occurred in the eastern Indian province of West Bengal, one of the buses running from the area, the Dzhargram Bankurav city Durgapur, was washed away by water currents. Inside, at the time there were at least a hundred people. Bus itself, unsuccessfully crossed a bridge across the river flooded Bayrab-Banks drifted water flow at 300 meters from the accident site.

The flow of water from the river was so strong that he was saved from only about forty people. The others are listed as missing in action, but even the rescuers of the opinion that the hope of their salvation is minimal. Darker still in search of drowning caused by military brigade divers.
Province of West Bengal for several days at a time under the influence of a strong cyclone, delivering huge portions of land precipitation. And the area of the river-banks Bayrab restocking mostly rain water, is known as a place of frequent floods.

Source: ecowars.tv

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