Floods and landslides in Colombia, killing 452 people

On Wednesday, May 18, representatives of the National Civil Defence of Colombia said that the death toll from floods and mudflows in the country since the beginning of April has reached 452 people, and the number of Colombians somehow affected due to prolonged rainfall exceeded 3 4 million.

Rain fell on most of the South American country, to varying degrees, affected by the floods in 1030 out of 1120 Colombian municipalities. Under the water were more than 1.2 billion hectares of agricultural land. Destroyed dozens of roads and bridges, and killed thousands of head of cattle and more than half a million chickens.

According to weather forecasts, rains continue in most parts of the republic, at least until mid-June, according to ITAR-TASS.

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In Colombia, because the landslide killed one person, 9 missing and six injured.

19.05.2011, 9:22:52 Bogota in Colombia landslide killed at least one person, and 9 reported missing. Six people were injured and wounded. The tragedy occurred in the northern province of Santander, where landslide covered several houses in one of the remote villages, reports "Xinhua".

The gathering of several tons of rock and soil was triggered heavy rains which persisted for several days, the employee of the municipality Rumaldo Gualdon. "7 houses and 12 cars were buried under the earth," — said R.Gualdon. In an operation to search for survivors as rescue services involved and the locals themselves.

Santander province more than any other region in Colombia this year, hit by abnormally heavy rains. Since the beginning of the year in Colombia hundreds of people were killed in floods, mudslides and landslides, and thousands were left homeless. The damage has not been fully evaluated, but, according to the provincial governor Horacio Serpa, restoration of damaged infrastructure, including the bridge connecting the once Santander with rest of the country, will cost "millions and millions of dollars."

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