Floods in Indonesia buried 13 people


1.04.11.Na eastern Indonesia (the Indonesian part of the island of New Guinea) raging flooding. Water element in one night killed more than 13 people.

According eco.rian.ru, over the banks as a result of heavy rains flooded the river a number of villages in the districts and Ekadide Agadide, forcing their inhabitants to seek refuge in the upstream areas.

Data on the number of victims could increase because the evacuation and rescue operations are still ongoing.

Active deforestation in the world's largest archipelago, leads to the fact that usual rainy season floods are becoming more dangerous to the local population. Two weeks ago, at least 24 Indonesians were killed and hundreds lost their shelter in the floods in the country's westernmost province of Aceh.

Over the banks as a result of going on for two days of heavy rains the river three days ago, completely destroyed 85 houses in the sub Tangse Pidie district and injured another 15.

According to Indonesian media, that deforestation was the main cause of the disaster in October 2010, in the district center Vasior West Papua province. Prolonged heavy rains overflowed the lake above the city and the river, which originates from the lake.

They came out of the banks, and the flow of water up to three meters hit the city and its surroundings, uprooting old trees and demolishing houses and bridges.

The flood killed nearly 300 people and several surrounding villages literally wiped off the face of the earth. Evacuated from the disaster area then had more than 9000 people.


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